Dordogne holiday homes for rental

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Booking a house with Dordogne Rental

1. To check availability

Please :

We will hold a provisional booking for three days.

2. To reserve a house

Please email me or phone me to confirm your reservation.

Once we have formally confirmed with the owner that the house is available for these dates and reserved for you we will send you a Booking Confirmation Form to complete within three days:

Please check that all the details are correct. You can change your personal details online

If there are any errors in the name of the house, the dates rented and the amounts due then submit the error message and we will correct the details and resend it to you.

Please read our Terms and Conditions including Web site usage Conditions and confirm that you have read them.

Print it before submitting so that you have a copy for future reference

Then submit the form to us on line

You will be asked to pay. Currently you can pay us by bank transfer in euros or pounds sterling into a London based account or via money broker into a Euros account.  In the future you will be able to pay by credit card on a French bank in euros. Bank details and instructions on how to pay by credit card are provided within the Booking Confirmation Form itself.

Our prices are designated in Euros. For you to find out what this means in your own currency please use the Currency Converter

Your reservation is not confirmed until we have confirmed receipt of your payment. We recommend that you do not book any flights or other travel arrangements until you have received this confirmation

What happens next?

We will send you a confirmation once we have received a Booking Confirmation Form and cleared funds

Balances due

If the commencement date of your rental period is less than three months away, full payment including the security deposit is required immediately, otherwise the balance of the monies is due three months before the commencement date of your rental period.

Security deposit

In addition to the rental payment, there is a security deposit which can vary from Euros 350-2000 depending on the size of the house, greater for larger, more luxurious properties or if the rental period is for more than two weeks. This deposit has to be paid with the balance before the rental period and is reimbursable at the end of your stay, although it can take up to two months to be returned dependent on the timing of receipt of detailed phone and fax bills. Once confirmation has been received from the owners that no damage has been incurred nor any need for extra cleaning, then the security deposit will be returned . Should telephone/fax charges be incurred these will be deducted from the deposit plus a small administration charge. The deposit also covers for any minor loss or damage. Damage or loss in excess of the security deposit will be treated as per our terms and conditions.


If you fail to pay the balance on time, we I reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you and cancellation charges will be payable as described in our terms and conditions.

Final details

Final details are sent out including directions to get to the property (together with a map) and any special arrangements as regards meeting the concierge/maid to obtain the keys. All other practical information will be found in the house.


At the end of your stay any comments you may have regarding the various amenities would be appreciated. There is a form for this purpose, which should be given to the concierge/maid in an envelope. We review this with the owners, since we see this very much as a partnership between ourselves and the owners, our aim being to maintain and improve the services provided to customers by responding to your specific suggestions.

The Dordogne seems to entice many of my clients to return to the area and they appreciate that we can offer them a variety of properties. If we are unable to accommodate you on this occasion please bookmark this site so that you can refer to it for another time or send it to your friends and colleagues.

With many thanks and Bonnes Vacances.